Panigram Resort Welcomes Angela!

Posted by on June 9th, 2012

Angela Jacobus

Angela Jacobus is an adventurous, fun-loving English teacher from the United States. She will spend a year with us developing an English training curriculum, teaching the local villagers English, and helping to equip the staff with the skills they need to provide five-star service to our guests.

Angela Jacobus

Hello! My name is Angela Jacobus. As I write this, it’s still my first week in Bangladesh. In my short time here, I’ve already been surprised and charmed and delighted more times than I can count. The people here are so welcoming and friendly!

When people ask me where I’m from, I have a hard time answering the question because I’ve lived in many places throughout my life: Texas, California, New Mexico, Alabama, Japan, Hawaii, Utah, Mexico, Oregon, South Korea. It’s impossible to narrow it down to one location, but when I’m back in the States, I call California home. In my previous life (as I like to call it), I spent many years working as an editor in the corporate world. I also spent a few years in the hospitality industry as the office manager of a boutique hotel – and as a snowboard instructor – in the Sierras. Now, I’m a CELTA-certified English teacher with a strong desire to travel and experience different cultures while also having a positive impact on the people and places I encounter. That’s what drew me to Panigram.

The upcoming year will undoubtedly be filled with numerous challenges, but I’m so excited to work with the local villagers and see their English skills develop and evolve into the conversations they’ll have with Panigram’s guests in the future.

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  1. Sabuj Mrong says:

    Hi Angela Jacobus,
    I am Sabuj.I am study in Notre Dame Collage.I am waiting for Fished my graduation in this year.I am From Modhupur,Tangail.I am Very interesting for work in resort.I hope that you will be thinking sub resorts center in our are most welcome in our garo community.thank you.
    Sabuj Mrong

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