Resort Information

Panigram Resort
Jessore District (just 70 km from the famous Sundarban Forest)
Southern Bangladesh

Panigram will be a small, sustainable boutique resort with a spa and wellness center. Located in a village in southern Bangladesh just 70 km from the famous Sundarban mangrove forest, the resort will be a modern interpretation of vernacular Bangladeshi architecture. Guests will be able to boat on the meandering river, relax in the hammock house, swim in the cool, refreshing pool, or take classes with the local potter. Children will be able to play badminton or cricket on the lawn, swing on the jungle gym, or romp around in the tree house. English-speaking guides will provide tours of the area’s archaeological sites on our specially designed, family-sized rickshaws. Travelers who want to help improve the community with have the option of participating in one of our voluntourism programs in the local village or school.

Every evening the guests will gather in the restaurant to partake of fresh, healthy food that is a fusion of Western and Bangladeshi styles. Fruits and vegetables grown organically at the resort will be paired with produce from the local bazaar. Seasonal menus prepared by an international-caliber chef will rotate daily so that guests will have the opportunity to sample a variety of dishes during their stay. The long, communal tables will encourage the guests to interact and share stories of their day’s adventures. In the evening, guests can take a starlit boat ride, sip five-color tea on their verandah overlooking the river, or play a board game with their kids in our secret garden.

The spa and wellness center will be a relaxing haven in the jungle. Massages, nutritional counseling, yoga, and ayurvedic treatments will be paired with healthy, nutritious food and seminars on a variety of wellness concepts. Spa experts from around the world are working together to create a holistic center where guests can cleanse and rejuvenate their mind and body.

Not only will Panigram be one of the premiere resorts in Bangladesh, but it will also be committed to responsible hospitality, designed to harmonize with the community and powered by alternative energy. The beautifully designed mud and bamboo construction will be made from local materials by local labor that will be specially trained on modern mud construction techniques. The thick mud walls will allow the resort to be passively heated and cooled, reducing the energy footprint.

In addition, Panigram will support women’s cottage industries by purchasing the linens from an NGO that produces nakshi kantha, traditional Bangladeshi embroidery. We will partner with local artisans to produce all of the pottery, textiles, and glassware for the resort to support the community and give the restaurant a local flavor. Panigram will also sponsor an environmental education program in a nearby school to raise awareness of environmental issues and to promote recycling, composting, and alternative energy in the region.

The resort is easily accessible by air; it takes less time to get from Dhaka to Panigram than it does to get from the northern to the southern end of Dhaka in rush hour traffic!

Anticipated grand opening is in 2014!

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Panigram Resort offers complimentary pick-up service from the airport and bus station in Jessore.

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Vision Book

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Panigram Resort Vision Book